This command commits add documents to the index. If a document with the same uniquekey (see Solr schema) already exists it will be overwritten, effectively updating the document.

You can add multiple documents in a single add command, this is also more efficient than separate add commands.


Name Type Default value Description
overwrite boolean null Newer documents will replace previously added documents with the same uniqueKey
commitwithin int null If the "commitWithin" attribute is present, the document will be added within that time (value in milliseconds)

For all options:

  • If no value is set (null) the param will not be sent to Solr and Solr will use its default setting.
  • See Solr documentation for details of the params

Atomic updates

Solr 4+ supports atomic updates. You can use the 'setFieldModifier' and 'setVersion' method in the document class to enable atomic updates. By default the 'old' full document update mode is used.




// create a client instance
$client = new Solarium\Client($adapter, $eventDispatcher, $config);

// get an update query instance
$update = $client->createUpdate();

// create a new document for the data
$doc1 = $update->createDocument();
$doc1->id = 123;
$doc1->name = 'testdoc-1';
$doc1->price = 364;

// and a second one
$doc2 = $update->createDocument();
$doc2->id = 124;
$doc2->name = 'testdoc-2';
$doc2->price = 340;

// add the documents and a commit command to the update query
$update->addDocuments(array($doc1, $doc2));

// this executes the query and returns the result
$result = $client->update($update);

echo '<b>Update query executed</b><br/>';
echo 'Query status: ' . $result->getStatus(). '<br/>';
echo 'Query time: ' . $result->getQueryTime();