This facet type is a combination of multiple facet queries into a single facet, not a standard Solr facet type. It was added because it is quite common to present multiple query counts as a single facet. In that case this multiquery facet is much easier to work with than multiple separate facet queries.

Internally this facet uses multiple instances of the Facet query class. You can use the 'createQuery' method to add new facet queries.

You can also manage the excludes for a multiquery facet by calling 'addExclude', 'removeExclude' and 'clearExcludes'. Changes to excludes will be forwarded to all facet queries.

See the API docs for all available methods.




// create a client instance
$client = new Solarium\Client($adapter, $eventDispatcher, $config);

// get a select query instance
$query = $client->createSelect();

// get the facetset component
$facetSet = $query->getFacetSet();

// create a facet query instance and set options
$facet = $facetSet->createFacetMultiQuery('stock');
$facet->createQuery('stock_pricecat1', 'inStock:true AND price:[1 TO 300]');
$facet->createQuery('nostock_pricecat1', 'inStock:false AND price:[1 TO 300]');
$facet->createQuery('stock_pricecat2', 'inStock:true AND price:[300 TO *]');
$facet->createQuery('nostock_pricecat2', 'inStock:false AND price:[300 TO *]');

// this executes the query and returns the result
$resultset = $client->select($query);

// display the total number of documents found by Solr
echo 'NumFound: '.$resultset->getNumFound();

// display facet counts
echo '<hr/>Multiquery facet counts:<br/>';
$facet = $resultset->getFacetSet()->getFacet('stock');
foreach ($facet as $key => $count) {
    echo $key . ' [' . $count . ']<br/>';

// show documents using the resultset iterator
foreach ($resultset as $document) {

    echo '<hr/><table>';
    echo '<tr><th>id</th><td>' . $document->id . '</td></tr>';
    echo '<tr><th>name</th><td>' . $document->name . '</td></tr>';
    echo '<tr><th>price</th><td>' . $document->price . '</td></tr>';
    echo '</table>';