This facet type allows you to count the number of occurrences of a term in a specific field.


The options below can be set as query option values, but also by using the set/get methods. See the API docs for all available methods.

Only the facet-type specific options are listed. See FacetSet component for the options shared by all facet types.

Name Type Default value Description
field string id The index field for the facet.




// create a client instance
$client = new Solarium\Client($adapter, $eventDispatcher, $config);

// get a select query instance
$query = $client->createSelect();

// get the facetset component
$facetSet = $query->getFacetSet();

// create a facet field instance and set options

// this executes the query and returns the result
$resultset = $client->select($query);

// display the total number of documents found by Solr
echo 'NumFound: '.$resultset->getNumFound();

// display facet counts
echo '<hr/>Facet counts for field "inStock":<br/>';
$facet = $resultset->getFacetSet()->getFacet('stock');
foreach ($facet as $value => $count) {
    echo $value . ' [' . $count . ']<br/>';

// show documents using the resultset iterator
foreach ($resultset as $document) {

    echo '<hr/><table>';
    echo '<tr><th>id</th><td>' . $document->id . '</td></tr>';
    echo '<tr><th>name</th><td>' . $document->name . '</td></tr>';
    echo '<tr><th>price</th><td>' . $document->price . '</td></tr>';
    echo '</table>';