A suggester query is a fast way to create an autocomplete feature. For more info on the Solr SuggestComponent see: https://solr.apache.org/guide/suggester.html.

Building a suggester query

See the example code below.

Available options:

Name Type Default value Description
query string null Query to spellcheck
dictionary string or array null The name(s) of the dictionary or dictionaries to use
onlymorepopular boolean null Only return suggestions that result in more hits for the query than the existing query
collate boolean null

Executing a terms query

Use the suggester method of the client to execute the query object. See the example code below.

Result of a terms query

The result of a terms query offers direct access to the resulting suggestions, and can also be iterated.




// create a client instance
$client = new Solarium\Client($adapter, $eventDispatcher, $config);

// get a suggester query instance
$query = $client->createSuggester();
$query->setQuery('ap ip v'); //multiple terms

// this executes the query and returns the result
$resultset = $client->suggester($query);

echo '<b>Query:</b> '.$query->getQuery().'<hr/>';

// display results for each term
foreach ($resultset as $term => $termResult) {
    echo '<h3>' . $term . '</h3>';
    echo 'NumFound: '.$termResult->getNumFound().'<br/>';
    echo 'StartOffset: '.$termResult->getStartOffset().'<br/>';
    echo 'EndOffset: '.$termResult->getEndOffset().'<br/>';
    echo 'Suggestions:<br/>';
    foreach ($termResult as $result) {
        echo '- '.$result.'<br/>';

    echo '<hr/>';

// display collation
echo 'Collation: '.$resultset->getCollation();