The concept of a 'facetset' is doesn't exist in Solr. It was added to Solarium to have one central component for using facets of various type. You can use the facetset to create and manage facets, and also to set global facet options.

See the API docs for all methods. In the following sections facet types will be detailed. The examples used on those pages will also show the usage of the facetset component.

Global facet options

Name Type Default value Description
prefix string null Limit the terms for faceting by a prefix
sort string null Set the facet sort order
limit int null Set the facet limit
mincount int null Set the facet mincount
missing boolean null Set the 'count missing' option

Standard facet options

All facet types available in the facetset extend a base class that offers a standard set of options. The following options are available for ALL facet types:

Name Type Default value Description
key string null Key to identify the facet (mandatory)
excludes string null Add one or multiple filterquery tags to exclude for a facet